Terms & Conditions


Acropaq’s offers are made without commitment and subject to availability and within the limits of stocks. They can always be subject to revision. The prices are mentioned excluding applicable taxes


Placing an order with Acropaq implies full and unreserved adherence to the present Terms and Conditions, which supersede any contrary clause from the buyer. Orders can be placed in written (e-mail), electronically (through the website) or verbally. Any disputes will be arbitrated on the basis of written and electronic documents. In case of verbal order not confirmed in writing, any error in interpretation will be charged to the buyer. Any order irrevocably binds the buyer. Any down-payment from the buyer will be deducted from the order price. 


Your order should be delivered to your address during office hours. Items in stock should be delivered the next working day. Depending on the time we receive your order, the delivery could be extended by one day.


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To be valid, any refusal or complaint must be communicated by registered letter within eight days of delivery. If the buyer fails to take delivery, this eight-day period begins upon receipt of the dispatch notice or any other equivalent document, or at the latest upon receipt of the invoice. The absence of any dispute according to the aforementioned rules entails for the buyer the unconditional acceptance of the delivered goods, as well as the invoice issued in accordance with said delivery. Partial defect of the delivery does not entitle the buyer to refuse the entire order. Acropaq’s declines all responsibility for any damage caused to persons or goods by the goods delivered or purchased. Hidden defects not known to Acropaq and not detectable cannot engage its responsibility, nor be the root of any claim for compensation.


Invoices are payable within 8 days of receipt, without discount, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Claims, even justified, do not waive the payment obligation. Any invoice not paid at the due date will produce, automatically and without notice, an interest of 1.5% per month from the date of the invoice. In this case, the amount of the invoice will be automatically and without summation also increased by 18% with a minimum of 60 EUR ex. VAT. Failure to pay a single invoice on its due date entitles Acropaq to demand immediate payment of the buyer's debit balance and authorises us to cancel any pending order, without formalities and without prejudice to any damages. The goods sold, their packaging materials and the transport used remain the property of Acropaq until full payment of the invoices due by the buyer. Any costs associated to a claim are borne by the buyer. The buyer will notify Acropaq in writing in the event that the goods and their packaging are to be delivered and / or placed in a space rented by the buyer. In this case, the buyer will also report to the lessor that Acropaq keeps ownership of the delivery until full payment. The buyer is liable in the event that the lessor does not respect this ownership.


In case of dispute, only the courts under whose jurisdiction Acropaq’s headquarters fall are competent.  


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