RMA - Returns

Dear customer,

Please fill in the RMA return form

As soon as we receive this form we will contact you for further instructions.

Please pay attention:

  • The description has to be as detailed as possible. A comment "machine has a problem" is not detailed enough for our technical staff

  • Make sure you provide a correct email address

  • Fill in one form per defective product

ACROPAQ’s terms for RMA:

  • All requests have to be sent in through the RMA form (demands by phone, email or fax will not be treated)

  • Items returned without a proof of purchase (in case of defect on arrival or warranty) will not be treated.

  • Items returned without an RMA number will NOT be treated.

  • Items returned must be accompanied with a copy of the RMA confirmation email.

  • A RMA request with an incomplete description will not be treated.

  • Final users benefit from a product warranty of 2 years unless there has been excessive wear & tear and/non non-conform usage. This warranty is limited to 6 months for rechargeable batteries. ACROPAQ does not issue warranties for consumable goods. 

Procedures to be followed after you have completed the RMA return form - we will instruct you of the one that applies to your case

1. In case of DOA (Defect on arrival):

ACROPAQ will provide shipment instructions to collect the defective item, then decide whether to repair, to replace or to issue a credit note. All transportation charges (back and forth) will be carried by ACROPAQ.

2. In case of warranty:

Please send the article to ACROPAQ or to its service center (as you will be instructed through RMA). Then ACROPAQ will decide whether to repair, to replace or to issue a credit note. You will carry the freight charges of sending back the defective item, but ACROPAQ will carry the charges for returning the repaired or replaced item to you. If the problem is due to non-conform usage, then you will carry charges both way (please refer to next point).

3. In case of non warranty (Repair):

Through the RMA form, please ask ACROPAQ for a cost estimate for the repair of the defective item before returning it. The charges of a cost estimate are of 25 EUR excl VAT. If you decide to proceed with the repair after we have made the estimate, the charges of the estimate will be deducted from your final bill. All freight costs will be carried by the customer.